Vincent Turcot
a becoming artist...


a becoming artist...


About Me

I have always been into art ever since I was born. My sibling (I'm the youngest child) are very energetic people who would always be the center of attention during my childhood. I got into art as if it was my own special and relaxing hobby. Later on, I used to play an old game called Warcraft III. I started texturing and modding this very special game; it's where I started to meet other young artists on the internet, like myself, who lead me into the world of art. My skills got me into online projects as a concept-artist, I've got blown away from the amount of fun I would get from drawing fantasy worlds. Result= For the past 3 years I'm aiming to be a professional concept artist.

Ressources & Art

Warcraft3 Resource=…
Deviant-Art Gallery=…
Scars of Conflict=…

Other information

Currently doing a Baccalauréat in ''Digital design and 3D animation'' at Centre Nad.
I speak french and english.
I want to become a professional concept artist.
GOBLIN'S TALE and DEVICE, are both personal project.
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